The Adventures of Little Lost Bunny

The Adventures of Little Lost Bunny

Lost Little Bunny at Fabrication

Regular visitors to the shop may remember the arrival towards the end of last year of a small bunny, lost by their owner. After living on our counter for a while in the hope of a reunion Little Lost Bunny decided to put their time to good use and head out to work as an apprentice with some of the craftspeople who sell their work through the shop. His adventures will continue throughout the year, but here is a round-up of where he’s been so far…

He started off with ELM photography, learning about photographer’s obsession with the light and how to use props for best effect:

Photos with ELM Photography

Then he went on to work with the artist Simone Crossland where he tried his hand at painting some flowers in her style:

Painting with Simone Crossland

For a total contrast, he then headed to learn bookbinding with Anachronalia. After working through the myriad of tools and their uses he worked on some of her miniature books while she made the larger versions:

Bookbinding with Anachronalia

It was then time for Leeds Fashion Show, so he headed over to Ages of Elegance to help Dawn sew some of the collaborative pieces for the catwalk:

Sewing with Ages of Elegance

And then finally, on to work with Hannah at Bent & Forged to learn about jewellery making:

Jewellery making with Bent & Forged

If you’re curious about where he is each week then you can follow him on twitter or see his posts on our facebook page.

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