Spotlight on the seller – The Seasonal Larder

The Seasonal Larder
grow local – preserve local – think global
We produce handmade preserves inspired by and made from  local  &  seasonal  fruits,  vegetables,  flowers  and herbs, Our range varies throughout the year but includes: 
Cordials & Syrups
Jellies & Jams
Fruit Sauces
Fruit Ketchups & Savoury Sauces
Dried Fruits
The  main  ingredients  for  all  our  products  are  always grown within 50 miles of our base in LS25. We get our fruit,  vegetables,  herbs  &  flowers  from  a  mix  of commercial growers, wild food and swapping with people who have grown more in their garden or allotment than they can use.
We take this approach because we believe that with the increasing  pressures  on  food  production  around the world, it just makes sense to use as much as possible of the  fantastic  and  varied  produce  that  grows all  around us.
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