Originally from Ireland, I am a Leeds based ceramic artist and woodworker.

All my products are individually designed and the glazes are my unique recipes, representing Yorkshire and the coastline of County Antrim. I also produce various interior items made from reclaimed and other sustainably sourced wood. These include serving boards, log carriers, and other furniture.

Yarn Bowls: The Yarn Bowl allows the wool to be dispensed in a controlled manner so preventing it from rolling around and becoming entangled. It allows the knitter to observe the quality and beauty of the wool as it unravels. The solid body of the Yarn Bowl complements the softness of the wool. While remaining essentially functional, the Yarn Bowl can also be enjoyed as a piece of art work.

The Yarn Bowls inevitably evoke a smile and a conversation, usually stimulating memories of a knitter friend or family member (which I love as an observer of social interaction).

The glazes used are all my own recipes and inspired by the Yorkshire Moors and coastline. Latterly I have developed a “heritage” range of glazes, inspired by my childhood memories of the Antrim Coast. Domestic Ware:I make utilitarian domestic ware including furniture, dinner and tea services, drinking vessels. I also offer a bespoke service if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture or a ceramic item, made to measure.

My work is driven by a principle of challenging cheap imports and raising the profile of home-grown, well-designed handmade ceramics and woodwork.

Sculptural Work: My sculptural work is heavily influenced by my previous employment working with the homeless, my interest in politics and the built environment. Such topics are displayed in my pieces where the themes of longing for safe space can be seen. I also aim to challenge the perception of neglect and disregarded people and objects.