seller in the spotlight …Bobbinaround

Bobbinaround is based in Leeds in my home studio. I take inspiration from nature, whether it’s textures, shapes or colour, incorporating my love for textiles. Fabrication has given me a fantastic opportunity to showcase my work in the centre of Leeds.

A large range of textile materials are used in my work, but I like to specialise in the use of wool, whether it’s using the fibres to create felt or traditional wool suiting fabrics to produce home furnishings.

I enjoy experimenting with the materials of my craft when producing a hand felted product. Often wool fibres and are wet felted and stitched, and then felted again to achieve the desired effect.

In my studio, I create collections of scarves, cushions, throws and wall art, all reflecting the versatility of wool fabrics and felt.

If you don’t see quite what you want, then I am always delighted to take on and also deliver a variety of textiles workshops locally. Charlotte regularly runs felting workshops for Fabrication, keep an eye on our website for details