Countdown to Christmas it’s pamper time

It’s the party time of year and you deserve a little pampering, so what better way than with our locally made bath and body products. All are made with gentle ingredients, are cruelty and paraben free and are made in small batches so the freshest possible, you can be sure you are only using the best products

For a lovely relaxing evening then try our It’s soap, bathbombs and soap

For a more invigorating start try Happy Tree Cosmetics seasonal Frankinscence and Myrrh shower gel and Ma’s Bar shampoo and scrubs

                                                                                    and Merry Band of Plague Doctors shave & beard oils, pomades and moustache waxes will get your man feeling soft and smelling sweet

For party ready skin, the Lovely Cosmetics range of butters, face masks and balms for every part of the body will put you on the right track

And for those final touches Stag and Wolfe’s range of lip balms, plain and tinted will make mistletoe ready lips

followed by their new range of mineral make up with bronzer for sun kissed party skin, and a wide and wild range of shades that can be safely used on eyes, cheeks and lips