Spotlight on The Seller….Twice Fired

Twice Fired is an exquisite range of handmade pieces made by a local glass artist, Kate Park. The inspiration for Kate’s work come from naturally occurring art forms. Nature has a wealth of beauty, from the tiniest, delicate seed pod to the iridescent gloss of a beetle and the elegant formations of birds.

These subtle tones and shapes are captured in her work through the seductive medium of glass. Shades of colour change in different conditions and hidden gems reveal themselves as the light changes.

I work from a studio in my garden in Farsley, it is a dream come true. I studied fine art at Leeds uni and later fell in love with glass. I have three children, two cats and three chickens who all join me throughout the day in the studio. 

I also run workshops and  private parties for adults and children in fused glass. My web site

It has been a fantastic opportunity selling my glass in Fabrication and would encourage any makers out there to take the leap and start doing what you enjoy everyday.