What a difference 3 years makes! Today marks Fabrication’s third birthday, the perfect time to look back at how far we’ve come.

In the beginning it was just a shell of a shop, with marks on the wall left from the previous occupants:

But it took shape, and in October 2012 we were proud to open our doors to the public with 40 sellers:

180 sellers have joined us since then. Our shop in The Light is brimming with beautiful handmade goods from our 83 sellers, some of whom are still with us from that first day:

In celebration of our shop going from strength to strength we have filled our windows with items from each of our sellers, and there is of course birthday cake to share the celebration with our customers today.

We are also launching our brand new store loyalty card, as a thank-you to all our customers for keeping on supporting us. 

Here’s to the next three years!