New seller round-up

If you’ve not been in the shop in the last couple of months then you’re in for a treat with some of our newest sellers. Just when you think we stock everything you might need we go and add a few more…

Simone Crossland

Contemporary Artist Simone Crossland is renowned for her colourful floral canvases in an impressionistic style. Simone has extended her art into beautiful, bold and vibrant handmade coasters and clocks that are sure to create a stunning focal point and bring joy to your home or office.

Silver and Stone Jewellery Design
I’m Helen Drye, I design and make silver jewellery using sterling silver and PMC – precious metal clay.

I was originally employed in the public sector , I loved my job and was passionate about my work but when I had my daughter and returned to work, I increasing felt that I wanted to spend my time with her.  It was then that I developed my creative side more and more.  I wanted to make sure that she had creative opportunities as well as the usual school activities, but I also wanted to develop my own creative skills.  I started beading and creating my own jewellery, then I wanted to learn a bit more about silver work, and came across PMC and Silver Art Clay.  I had a session with someone who taught it and I was hooked! 

I developed my skills over the next few years and launched my own business in 2012.  I now sell my jewellery at a number of shops including Fabrication in Leeds. I found that running the Jewellery Making workshops gave me that sense of achievement and I’ve met lots of wonderful people.  I have found that we have lots of mums and daughters, and friends coming together – to create something new, to catch up and to treat themselves to some quality time together. 

Madeleine Phiri

Madeleine Phiri is a photographic artist working with traditional darkroom techniques and alternative photographic processes. These retro items here are shot on film and hand printed in the darkroom. They are hand toned to achieve archival quality. If you’re into vintage and like these prints great – if you want more depth and a story then you’re also in the right place. These items actually have a rather sinister background as they represent what the Stasi (secret police in former East German) has used to spy on people. 

The prints are 20×20″ and cost £70 unframed or £135 framed. All prints are unique in their own right as there are discrepancies when printing by hand. All prints are signed and dated. A truly unique piece of art for your wall.

Sew Muffins

SewMuffins manufactures and sells safe and snuggly supplies for small pets, with a special focus on African pygmy hedgehogs due to their specific care requirements. Our items are suitable for guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats, tenrecs and other small animals – our items have even been purchased for geckos! We have been running for just over two years, and are based in our workshop in Chapeltown.

I started SewMuffins after I got my first hedgehog, Caesar, who is three years old next month. The business was born our of a desire to ensure her cage was safe and adhered to the correct care requirements. I have three hedgehogs: Caesar, Tzaritza, and Medli, who all help the shop by testing new product designs and modelling new items. Photos of Tzaritza in one of our Snuggly Huts can be found above our shelf in Fabrication.