It’s summer in the garden

Summer is the time to think about introducing some new homes for wildlife into your garden.

With loss of habitats as we build on more city fringes and farmers work the land more intensively gardens have become a vital space for wildlife. However the modern garden can be too tidy and lacks the fallen logs and hollow trees of the old wildwood.  It is also fantastic to see wildlife and by providing them with a “home” you can enjoy watching their comings and goings.

Hollybush Woodworkers, selling through Fabrication in Leeds Light, offer a range of wildlife homes including barrel topped hedgehog shelters, sparrow terraces, diamond robin boxes, and bug houses in a variety of shapes including a leaf or heart shape.

Each product is carefully designed and built from sustainable materials. They are made by disadvantaged adults in our training workshop at TCV Hollybush in Kirkstall.

All products come complete with an information leaflet explaining why the product is needed and suggestions for the best place to site them.

Sparrow Terraces are needed to address the falling house sparrow numbers. The current UK population of 6 million pairs is half what it was in 1980 and this is thought to be due to habitat destruction and lack of suitable nesting spaces(sparrows don’t find roof nesting spots now so many of us have plastic fascia boards). Sparrows are social birds and like to nest in company. This terrace provides ideal nesting opportunities for three families. By putting up nest boxes, like this one, which replicates sparrows’ natural nesting preferences, you can encourage them to breed near your home.

Can you make space for wildlife in your garden this year?  A nestbox put up now will have weathered in by spring and is more likely to be used than one bought in February. It might also be used by birds sheltering through bad winter weather.