If you’ve been in to the shop recently you’ll have noticed that we have had a few new sellers join us in the last couple of months. Incase you haven’t, here is a quick peek at a few of them:

Flapjack & Martha

All my items have been handmade by under the watchful eyes of Martha my pooch; either at home or in the local craft cafe, where I enjoy a piece of flapjack 😊. Most of my fabrics are purchased from Yorkshire Fabric Ltd, where all the cottons are made in England, tweeds and wools are made in Scotland and the linens are from Ireland.

Martha from flpajack and martha

handmade accessories by flapjack and marthaTyto Leodis

Tyto Leodis Confectionery have been in Fabrication since the start of October and make tasty, short-run chocolates by hand using exciting and quality ingredients. They also provide individually tailored classes and hands-on workshops in the West Yorkshire region. The chocolates in Fabrication change often – every time you visit there might be a new flavour available!

handmade chocolates by tyto leodis


I started making dreamcatchers after a chance encounter in Western Australia many many years ago where I crossed paths with a girl whilst backpacking who said she could make them. She then showed me how and this is where it began. Over the years I have made them for friends, relatives or others I have had chance encounters with too. They just make lovely gifts and I really enjoy making them.

With this in mind and wanting to then follow a more creative I took a leap of faith, got paid to leave my job through redundancy and I now have the pleasure of working in a craft cafe, enjoying the delights of cooking and baking, spending time amongst fantastic creative people. In between this I began to make more Dreamcatchers and gradually its evolved from them being in the cafe to extending further and here I am now at Fabrication in The Light in Leeds – awesome!! A dream of mine was to have one of my Dreamcatchers being displayed in a shop window… it could happen. I really do hope so, having ideas for a rather large white sparkly twinkling Christmas dreamcatcher! I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and continuing to create.

I mainly make to order which I love I can think about the person I’m making it for, an idea of what they might like and take it from there. I have many requests especially for the younger ones, they fit with them, what they like, their interests, their rooms. They are very personal just to them I remember my first unusual request from a girl who loved watermelons! I have recently been asked about a flamingo one. So watch this space…

Dreamcatchers are given as a gift show that you care. Ancient legends about the history and origin of the dreamcatcher exist among several Native American tribes dreamcatchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them, traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. All my dreamcatchers are made with love and unique to the individual. Everybody dreams. Dream well xxx

dreamcatcher by dreamweaver-dreamcatcherdreamcatcher handmade in Yorkshire