Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Sonia from Rowan Tree Designs.

embellished fleece wristwarmers

Business name: Rowan Tree Designs

Makers name: Sonia Curry

Describe your style in no more than 3 words. Slightly alternative wearables.

recycled wool wrap by Rowan Tree Designs

What do you sell in Fabrication? I sell a range of my capes, wraps, ponchos, shrugs and wristwarmers made from everything from super-soft fleece to pure wool (including 100% recycled wool, which is exclusive to the shop). I welcome commissions if you can’t find exactly what you’re after on my rails.

How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? I’ve always sewn things for myself, and in 2007 I launched an online shop after an increasing number of friends were asking me to make things for them. At the end of November 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and see whether I could make it work as a full-time business. 8 years later and I’m just starting to wind things back up again after a maternity “break” and looking forward to what the future has to bring.

satin trimmed fleece cape

What is your workshop / studio like? I’ve just moved from sharing the spare room to having sole use of the smallest room, so I have freshly painted white walls, a wall of shelves full of books and boxes of fabrics, plus a pile of chaos organised in to bags that I still need to sort through!

What are your beverage and snack of choice when working? I try to keep food out of my studio to prevent transfer on to fabrics but beverage of choice is either water or tea (carefully placed well away from the sewing table!)

poncho exclusive to Fabrication

What do you find the biggest challenge of running a micro-business? Like many I feel I am rubbish at self-promotion and PR, every year I say I’m going to get better…

If you could go back in time, what would you tell a younger you? Starting major building work on your house when you have a newborn baby is madness. Trying to keep a business running with a newborn is also madness. Combining the two will nearly break you, but with support you’ll get through and out the other side.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out? Don’t spread yourself too thinly, there is a benefit to focusing your attention on fewer things. Take advantage of support available to you.

soft fleece wrap for sale

Why did you join Fabrication, and how long ago? I joined in 2014 I think. I was looking for somewhere I could sell my items on a more permanent basis than craft fairs, and like the ethos of the shop.

If you could buy any 3 things from the shop, what would they be? I must confess I have bought quite a bit of my fellow sellers work already, but if I was treating myself next week… one of Margaret & Catherine’s beautiful wooden boxes, several hand bound journals from Anachronalia and a seascape from Drifting DownTime.

decorated lace cape by Rowan Tree Designs