Spotlight on the Seller: Beth Kilburn

Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Beth Kilburn.

Beth Kilburn artwork

Business name: Beth Kilburn

Makers name: Beth Kilburn

Describe your style in no more than 3 words. atmospheric, charming, considered

What do you sell in Fabrication? Original artwork, Giclee prints, painted jewellery.

Painted jewellery by Beth Kilburn

How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? I officially launched the business in 2014, but had been working freelance as an actor since 2011. At the time I was struggling to support myself financially and the sporadic auditions and jobs made it difficult to secure part time work. Having only really worked in Theatre shows or events for the past six years I had no idea where to start with a new solo project. I’d been making jewellery for friends and always loved to draw, so I decided to set up a stall at a local craft fair, which was all a bit of a mess looking back! I didn’t even bring money for the float. Despite that, I actually sold quite well and my boyfriend at the time encouraged me to enquire at Fabrication. I stalled for a long time before having the courage to move forward, but my friend Barbara had recently become a member and started her yarn business Yorkshires To Dye For. Seeing her develop things so quickly really inspired me to get going myself, and I joined the shop shortly after.

What is your workshop / studio like? What is your workshop / studio like? I don’t have one, I work from my bedroom floor most of the time.

What are your beverage and snack of choice when working? Whatever isn’t mouldy in the fridge, lots of tea.

original art by Beth Kilburn

What do you find the biggest challenge of running a micro-business? Lack of structure, Self belief, not being able to afford anything.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell a younger you? Get a rich boyfriend and some counselling and stop eating bread. Seriously though I’d probably say trust yourself, keep a dream diary and don’t be so beholden to other people’s judgement.

Giclee prints available from Fabrication

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out? Don’t waste too much time on feelings of inadequacy. You will probably do it in the end anyway if you have a creative passion. Also I would say that there is no inside secret to art or business, though people sometimes like to give that impression. Everyone I know and respect as an artist or performer is winging it most of the time!

Why did you join Fabrication, and how long ago? (see above)

If you could buy any 3 things from the shop, what would they be? I’d probably buy a patchwork quilt from Anna Ahmorova, commission a work desk by Margaret Glackin and go to Kate Park’s glass workshop.

Beth Kilburn at Fabrication