Winter skincare with Dalia Botanique. How do we look after our skin during winter? Fabrication Leeds

Winter skincare with Dalia Botanique

How do we look after our skin during winter?  Why is it different to summer?

In winter our skin often dries quicker through cold temperatures then central heating. Dry skin can often feel irritable and will lose its glow. Our skin products should be slightly heavier and with fatty oils to help repair chapped and irritated dry skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil is a deep orangey red and is the favourite of many a Nordic beauty formulator. It is rich in 22 different vitamins and antioxidants and often used in products to help with replenishing and protecting the skin.

Our Sea Buckthorn face and body butter is rich enough to help moisturise the skin but also light enough that you can use as part of your daily facial skincare routine. We also include Shea Butter, Mafura butter and Murumuru butters-All renowned for their incredible properties. We also add Hemp oil which is fast becoming a recognised vitamin heavy oil that is often used in products to aid Eczema and Psoriasis. A gentle light infusion of Chamomile and Calendula provide a skin soothing and calming oil to compliment the other ingredients.

We advise in winter to use a more gentle face cleanser in the morning and evening followed by a pre blended skin toner or floral waters to wipe off the remaining cleanser.  Once a week use a gentle scrub like our Sea Buckthorn sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells.


I sometimes also use the Cacoa butter and Monoi balm on any little dry patches or my lips in addition too. Especially after a day outside running, cycling, hiking or gardening!


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