Reusing old occasions cards-A tutorial by Linette

Reusing old occasions cards-A tutorial by Linette from Anachronalia

How to make envelopes (and bonus gift box idea):

You will need: Some cards, Scissors or a cutting knife, a pen or pencil, a ruler, double sided tape or glue, something to score the card with.

This envelope wastes the bare minimum of material.

Start by cutting the back off the card so you have a decorative picture to work with. Before you start, make a mark on the back so you know which way is up, particularly useful for square cards.

Reusing old occasions cards-A tutorial by Linette from Anachronalia. How to make envelopes (and bonus gift box idea)Reusing old occasions cards-A tutorial by Linette from Anachronalia. How to make envelopes (and bonus gift box idea)Reusing old occasions cards-A tutorial by Linette from Anachronalia. How to make envelopes (and bonus gift box idea)

Measure to the centre of the card, and then in half again. Draw a vertical line one quarter away from the edge (see image).

Score (run a blunt tool along) the pencil line to make it easier to fold. I used the back of a table knife, but you could also use a pen that has run out of ink or a knitting needle or anything you might have to hand that won’t cut the card.

On the other side of the card, we want to measure roughly 1 quarter PLUS half a cm from the edge and draw a vertical line. The extra gives us an overlap for the glue.

Now choose how big your top and bottom flaps will be. I usually do a smallish flap at the bottom and a larger flap at the top.

Draw a line from where the lines meet (the corners of your finished envelope) to just inside the flap. You can do them quite shallow, I’ve done mine in the picture a bit deeper. As you make more of them you will get used to what angle you want this at.

Cut away the corners of the card following the lines you have just made.

Score along all your lines and fold.

Glue your larger side flap first, then the slimmer one over the top. This should mean you have a nice central line.

You can now use these for gift cards, advent calendars, or just to keep little keepsakes in.

Bonus gift box option:

I love reusing and gifting advent calendars so why not plan ahead and use an old one as a guide? Simply fold out your advent box flat, draw round it on your card and cut out. Now you have your very own personalised advent calendar you can fill and gift ready for next year and it can be re-used and eventually recycled.



Making a quick and dirty notepad two ways.

You will need: A card, paper, scissors or a cutting knife, string or ribbon, a needle or a hole punch. For version 2 you will also need some wrapping paper and some glue.

If you are happy with the image on your card, cut the back and front of the card to the same size.

Now cut some pages also the same size. I’ve gone for plain paper but you could make a “junk journal” style notepad and use brown paper bags, offcuts of wrapping paper, printouts that are still blank on one side. Whatever you like.

Now make two holes about a cm in from the side of your book (left or right depending on how you like to read your books), I used an awl and went through all of them at once, but you could use a needle or you could use a hole punch. Just make sure to line up your pages and holes neatly.

Now find a bit of string or ribbon that will fit through your holes, I’ve used present wrapping twine, and thread it through your holes so your loose ends are at the front.

Tie a knot, then score a vertical line about 1 cm and a bit in from your edge so that you can open the cover more easily.

Version 2. This version works well if you don’t like the design on your card or, to use up the backs of your card after making envelopes.

Cut your card into two same sized and shaped covers.

Cut a bit of wrapping paper or decorative paper about 3 cms taller and 3cms wider than your card cover.

Glue the card into the centre of the paper.

Fold your corners in and then fold down your edges.

Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the cover and glue it on the uncovered side of your cover.

You now have two covers ready to make into a book following the tutorial for version 1.

Enjoy your notebooks.

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