Cookie Time! Not my usual hearts By Louisa @ Kemp Arts

A bit of a step away from my usual hearts – made out of clay! So for valentines (and a fun activity to do with my daughter at home) I thought we would try our hand at heart shaped cookies!!! . But this was great fun & yummy (I don’t usually get to eat the things I make!) It was really simple to do. Made a big plate of cookies and entertained a child, what more can you want! We made hearts for a valentines feel. A box full would make a great gift, personalise in your loved ones favourite flavours x

My top suggestion is to make one big batch – then decorate to suit everybody’s preferences in taste & flavour. Check out the website for the selection of chocolate!!! break into bits and add to cookies for chips or melt to make topping, plus you can grater. one mix – many chocolate options = something for everybody. My personal favs in the choc we have would be the dark orange, white choc raspberry or milk peanut butter! Chocolate (


170g soft butter

150g sugar

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla extract

280g plain flour

teaspoon baking powder

Mix your butter and sugar

Add egg & vanilla

Sift in flour & add baking powder

Combine! – get messy!! get your hands in! form into a dough ball.

Roll on a floured surface and cut out your shapes ( we did hearts….. and a few llamas, because who doesn’t love a llama and it was my new cutter from xmas!)

Cookie Time Hearts Dough making
Making cookie dough hearts

Place spaced apart on a baking tray on parchment paper

Cool in the fridge ( 10mins?)

Cook, 170 for 10/11 mins

**Note -they will be a bit soft to touch, but harden a bit as they cool so don’t over cook**

cookie hearts baked and ready to decorate
Cookies baked and ready to decorate

Leave to cool then decorate!

You can ice them or decorate with chocolate and they are nice on their own too. want to eat 2 at a time, filling in the middle and sandwich together!

Cookie hearts ready to decorate
Decorating cookie hearts

( We recommend the Gubby’s choc shard selection for a great variety, you can find these at, flour and sugar can also be purchased from and Ian can personally deliver to you if you are local to Leeds!)

HAVE FUN & EXPERIMENT!! xxx  ( Please note – we are not cookie experts!)

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