While everyone has been recovering from the Christmas and New Year festivities and tucked up away from the ice and snow our sellers have been busy in their studios preparing a plethora of delights for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to keep it simple and just get a nice card, are planning to pop “The Question” or something inbetween there is something for you in store. To start you off, photographer Emma Manners has these delightfully fresh cards and prints… If you are looking to stick with more traditional gifts then we have some beautiful jewellery from JAFDesigns and Bluebell Beading amongst others And someRead More →

A local artist from Leeds with a fascination for all things miniature, Beth preserves her tiny illustrations under clear resin to make unique and charismatic jewellery pieces. Each image captures her affection for funny little characters and sensitive eye for detail.  Originally a professional actress, Beth’s passion for jewellery grew in part from financial necessity. Struggling to find work in 2012, and facing a bleak Christmas, she rediscovered a love of illustration, creating personalised artwork for friends and family.  Curious for different ways to develop and frame her mini designs, Beth discovered resin and was immediately hooked. Initial experiments were far from perfect, but afterRead More →