Basic Leatherwork


Introduction to Basic Leatherwork for beginners Leeds

This is an introduction class to give people enough skills and info to start working on their own leatherwork

You will learn about

Leather types, basic tannages and identification/useage
Basic leatherwork tools : what you need and sources of supply
Basic stitches- marking out and awling, saddle, back, butt and box stitches, threads thypes and needles
Cutting, shaving and edge finishing : tools and methods
Dyes and finishes : chemical, acrylics and vegetable

You will come away with a finished item of a belt, with buckle, slide keeper and edging decoration

10.30-4.30 £85 includes materials and refreshments but not lunch

Tutor Andrew from Military Metalwork

This event is at our new Fabrication2 venue in Leeds city centre, Hereford House 6 Edward St, Leeds LS2 7NT

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