Knitted Leeds Exhibition

Knitted Leeds Exhibition

We are delighted to be able to host the Knitted Leeds Exhibition, prior to it’s journey to it’s permanent home

Knitted Leeds is a community project that has been running for 10 months. It has involved over 30 knitters in Leeds and surrounding areas.  The project will be unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Leeds on Saturday 13th April.

The project is creating a large (7 feet by 5 feet) knitted image of Leeds.

The image is an illustrated map of the city featuring over 40 buildings and landmarks. Including the Town Hall, Corn Exchange, City Varieties. City Square, Royal Armouries, Civic Hall, County Arcade, fd Arena, Quarry House. Roundhay Park, Temple Newsam, Kirkstall Abbey, Elland Road and Armley Mills.

There are many smaller features associated with the landmarks such as statues, sporting equipment, bicycles. A petting zoo, a spinning wheel, swans, barges, traffic lights and a bonfire.

As well as creating an image that will look stunning when on display, the project has brought together knitters and knitting groups that had not previously met.

The project

The project has had no external funding and has been financed by the kind generosity of the people involved.

Wool has been a vital part of the history of Leeds and we see a knitted image of the city as being a tribute to its past. The fleece symbol on Leeds Coats of Arms is in recognition of the importance of wool to the city. Armley Mills was once the largest woollen mill in the world.

Knitted Leeds will be unveiled and exhibited at the Spring Into Wool event. Which takes place on 13th and 14th April 2019 at The Grammar School at Leeds.

The unveiling by the Lord Mayor takes place at 10.30am on Saturday 13th April. Knitted Leeds will also be an exhibit at the Leeds Wool Festival taking place on 1st June 2019 at Armley Mills.

Talks are underway for it to become a permanent exhibit at Armley Mills museum.

We will be running a series of yarn related workshops alongside this exhibition