Medieval Embroidery – Intermediate


Intermediate One Day Course

Suggested project – larger purse or sleeves

Frame stretching linen and outlining pattern onto linen
Identification of design
Transference of design onto linen
Suitable design for different social class
Shading and detailing embroidery techniques for English Work
Embellishment with gold and silver thread, freshwater pearls and glass beads

Each participant will be encouraged to start the production of either the larger purse or sleeves, which can be continued in the advance session in 2018 or taken away to finish at home.

Participants should bring:- needles, pins, embroidery line (small point), square embroidery frame, one reel white thread, one reel coloured thread, colourfast embroidery thread in preferred colours for project (Anchor or DMC), gold and silver thread, freshwater pearls and glass beads as required for the design that they have in mind. PLEASE NOTE – bore on freshwater pearls can be small, please check that you have a needle to fit.

Cost is £35 per session inc refreshments, but not lunch, materials not included,

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