Nag Hammadi Codex Course (Historic Bookbinding)


In this class, you will be creating a notebook based on the techniques used to make the Nag Hammadi codexes dating from the 3rd Century.

You will each complete a single section booklet with leather* covers and papyrus interior lining held shut with leather ties.

So that you can use your book day to day we will be substituting the original papyrus pages for 80gsm laid paper, however if students have their own preferences for type of paper they are welcome to bring them.

*While the leather is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, if desired, vegetarian/vegan friendly alternatives to a leather cover and ties is possible.

Please email with any queries.

Suitable for beginners. AgesĀ 16+ Tutor Linette from Anachronalia 1-4pm

This event is at our new Fabrication2 venue in Leeds city centre, Hereford House 6 Edward St, Leeds LS2 7NT

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