Prim & Proper by Maxi

Prim & Proper By Maxi is a brand created by Amanda-Jayne.

Based in the Yorkshire Region of the UK, we are surrounded by exceptional countryside from the Lake District to the Yorkshire Dales. We are also fortunate to be just a stones throw away from the world renowned home of the Brontë Sisters, Howarth.

Being from Yorkshire has inspired and helped us to create a truly British Brand.

For many years we enjoyed making candles and oils to fragrance our own homes. Friends would often be given our experimental offerings to test and try. They became our best critics and our inspirations, and they are the ones who gave us the push to share our fragrances with you all.

We believe that a chosen fragrance is an extension of you, your style and your mood, therefore it is important to us that we help you get it right.

Our home fragrance range offers a range of options to scent your home:

  • Diffusers that will gently release your chosen fragrance all day long.
  • Room spray gives you the choice of a subtle light fragrance to a stronger one, with just an extra spray, to suit your mood.
  • Candles promote ultimate relaxation from a cosy night in to a romantic evening with a loved one.

Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with soft music by candle light and let the fragrance lift you away to tranquillity.

Made for you with love xx

Prim & Proper By Maxi is named in honour of a close and dear friend Maxine Farquharson who passed away leaving a huge gap in the hearts of those who knew and loved her dearly. She lit up the room when she entered with class, grace and elegance. She was always very Prim & Proper. x

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