Massage Oil and Cream


Vegan, locally produced products made for active bodies and sore muscles and joints. Made by someone who regularly has sore muscles and tested on people with equally as sore muscles!


Massage oil-A warming soothing blend that’s perfect for pre and post exercise massage or for joint pain and discomfort. Contains Arnica, Ginger and Black Pepper. Vegan and locally produced. Can used on skin or in the bath.
Not suitable for very sensitive skin or broken skin. Not to be used if currently pregnant.


Soothe me cream-Super soothing, comforting and warming. This pain relieving cream with scents of Cinnamon Bark and Wintergreen is a cream that has so many uses. It can clear congestion, warm muscles up and help with join pain. Perfect for either pre or post exercise or just when you fancy some comfort.
Vegan and locally produced.
Not to be used on sensitive or broken skin. Do not use if pregnant.

Prices include 1st Class post

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