Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Mike from Tyto Leodis. Business name: Tyto Leodis confectionery Makers name: Mike Wallis Describe your style in no more than 3 words. Handmade, bespoke, tasty What do you sell in Fabrication? Chocolates How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? Since May last year; I started because I enjoy making chocolates and Dawn had some commercial kitchen space available, otherwise I’d still be doing this ad hoc at home and not putting them on sale. What is your workshop / studio like? It’s the Fab Kitchen! It’s like a domestic kitchen onlyRead More →

If you’ve been in to the shop recently you’ll have noticed that we have had a few new sellers join us in the last couple of months. Incase you haven’t, here is a quick peek at a few of them: Flapjack & Martha All my items have been handmade by under the watchful eyes of Martha my pooch; either at home or in the local craft cafe, where I enjoy a piece of flapjack 😊. Most of my fabrics are purchased from Yorkshire Fabric Ltd, where all the cottons are made in England, tweeds and wools are made in Scotland and the linens are fromRead More →