It’s Our Birthday !

It’s our birthday, 9 years ago today we got the keys for the hovel which was our original workshop space & HQ ready to help micro crafts biz in Leeds with textile, jewellery & leatherworking space & equipment,

Who’d have thought we’d still be here and running Leeds largest multi indie department store & seen our set up duplicated by others

In that time we’ve helped over 300 people with retail space, both before & since we came to The Light, as well as dozens of folks taking advantage of our workspace & mentoring. It’s been a privilege to see them all grow & develop and some even set up similar enterprises to support others in return using our model as a basis

We’ve faced loads of challenges along the way, particularly as Leeds property has changed making it unaffordable for small biz to be in the city centre. The last couple of years have been particularly difficult, with the fire and loss of the 1st workshop, and the setting up of the new one but we’ve got there, for now at least.

Our new space is now up and running with space for lots of jewellers, textile designers, a commercial kitchen and photo studio, all available to rent on an ad hoc or permanent space

It’s been both hard work and an honour working with all our makers and sellers, and as we enter our 10th year, we can’t wait to see what that may bring, although a slightly easier ride for a few months would be welcome !

We only know we have our new workspace till the end of the next year, until Hammerson decides what to do with it, but keep everything crossed that as we enter our 10th year we can really put the making of indie crafts etc as much on the map as selling it

It’s also our Light shop birthday next weekend and we’ve lots of events planned for October, including meet ups, instore demos and open studios