Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Beth Kilburn. Business name: Beth Kilburn Makers name: Beth Kilburn Describe your style in no more than 3 words. atmospheric, charming, considered What do you sell in Fabrication? Original artwork, Giclee prints, painted jewellery. How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? I officially launched the business in 2014, but had been working freelance as an actor since 2011. At the time I was struggling to support myself financially and the sporadic auditions and jobs made it difficult to secure part time work. Having only really worked in Theatre shows or events for the past six years I had no idea where toRead More →

Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Olivia from Words Matter.   Business name: Words Matter Makers name: Olivia Mulholland Describe your style in no more than 3 words. Bold, Graphic, Colour What do you sell in Fabrication? ScreenPrints, Lino Prints, hand lettered stationery. How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? Started 6 years ago, had a break, came back to it. I just love printing and making! What is your workshop / studio like? I work from home in my conservatory. What are your beverage and snack of choice when working? Cups of coffee, butRead More →

Each week we bring you a short interview with our featured seller, this week is Jack from Rubbish Seaside. Business name: Rubbish Seaside Makers name: Jack Hurley Describe your style in no more than 3 words. Pure coastal cruelty What do you sell in Fabrication? Scathing parody seaside prints and postcards along with other daft designs. How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? Oooh, probably about three/four years and mainly because I’m a terrible employee who’s far happier getting up to no good on his own.  What is your workshop / studio like? A glorious bunker in my back garden that I could happilyRead More →

This week’s blog we’re taking the time to look at a few of the new arrivals in the shop. First up, it’s the riot of colour that is these earrings by new seller Coco Wild. In their own words… We are two sisters based in Yorkshire, who love unique, colourful, statement earrings. We started Coco Wild in September 2017 as a trial at Saltaire Festival and it went amazing! We got such great feedback that we decided to keep going! All our pieces are made using cold porcelain clay, they are then hand painted, sanded down/ cleaned up & varnished to give them professional, clean finish.Read More →

Spotlight on the Seller is back for 2018! This year we are changing the blog format a little, and bringing you a short interview with each maker. This week is Emma from ELM Photography. Business name: Elm Photography Maker’s name: Emma Manners Describe your style in no more than 3 words. Colourful, creative and unfiltered . What do you sell in Fabrication? I sell my photographs as cards, prints, coasters and  key rings  and I also sell small collages as cards . How long have you had your own business and what made you start it? I have been running Elm Photography since 2014 . I decided toRead More →

New artists, designers and makers at Fabrication Leeds As usual the first part of the year has been a busy one in terms of new sellers joining us in store. We know it can be hard to keep track of new additions, so we thought we’d introduce a few of them here:   Yorkshire More Yorkshire More is a social enterprise based in Leeds, making jams and chutneys in support of mental health.  We do this by engaging volunteers, many of whom are affected directly or indirectly by mental health difficulties, in the making, labelling and selling of the jams and chutneys. There have beenRead More →

Regular visitors to the shop may remember the arrival towards the end of last year of a small bunny, lost by their owner. After living on our counter for a while in the hope of a reunion Little Lost Bunny decided to put their time to good use and head out to work as an apprentice with some of the craftspeople who sell their work through the shop. His adventures will continue throughout the year, but here is a round-up of where he’s been so far… He started off with ELM photography, learning about photographer’s obsession with the light and how to use props forRead More →

Several years ago I attended a stained glass course at my local education centre (Swathmore in Leeds), and I found a passion for creating glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques – both using copper foil for smaller pieces and lead for larger ones.   After becoming more proficient in the basics, I decided to invest in the equipment I needed to enable me to continue to develop my skills at home – that was the beginning of the journey, after filling all the windows in our home with glass creations, I began to give them away for any occasion!, and then friends and familyRead More →

I have always enjoyed being creative and I was inspired and encouraged from an early age by my family; not least my seamstress grandma and crocheting mum. I have turned my hand to several crafts but in recent years have developed a love for embroidery and hand-stitching, hand-made cards/stationary and most recently pyrography. After making things for family and friends for some time, and receiving their encouragement, I began to work on my own designs and ideas and Life’s little blessings was born… Life’s little blessings is about acknowledging and appreciating the little things in life; whether it be celebrating those familiar special occasions, encouragingRead More →

Bob Haslam Photography Bob Haslam is a landscape photographer living in Leeds.   He primarily takes pictures in Yorkshire where he grew up, finding an endless source of inspiration here. He attempts to convey in his work a timelessness and a feeling of solitude.Read More →